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Toronto's official Mexican Independence Day Event is a non-profit event and the celebration is funded by our partners, sponsors & private donations. We'd be pleased to discuss your business goals with us so we can discuss options to integrate them into this event. Among the opportunities available for 2023 are branding, sponsorships, give-aways & contests, media partners & more. Mexican Independence Day provides direct exposure to valuable markets for a wide array of corporate interests. 

To discuss available opportunities, discuss the goals or your organization or to make a personal donation to the festivities, please contact us via our form or via our social media accounts.


Mexican Day Toronto is a fantastic opportunity to sell your goods & services! We typically feature food  tents, food trucks, arts & crafts vendors, retail pop-ups, clothing & garments, and a wide array of goods, services & specialties.

Nathan Philips Square is a high foot traffic area for tourists, locals and all those attending Mexican Day Toronto festivities!

The 2024 vendor application form can be filled out here. Spots go fast, so we encourage you to apply at your earliest convenience.

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