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Ballet Folklorico Puro Mexico has been active in Toronto for over 15 years. Jezreel Vazquez has been the artistic director, choreographer and instructor since 2006. Jezreel is a native of Mexico City, where he began his studies in folklore at the age of nine & later enrolled in the National Institute of Fine Arts & was awarded first place for two consecutive years for best choreography representing dances from Mexico City.


Since forming in 2000, Viva Mexico Mariachi has been a unique multicultural phenomenon of professional, talented and enthusiastic musicians from diverse ethnic backgrounds. 'Mariachi Music' was recognized in 2011 by UNESCO, as an 'Intangi-ble Cultural Heritage of Humanity'. Viva Mexico Mariachi has built its own distinctive identity, prestige and leadership, serving as an role model for old and new mariachi bands in Canad


In 1987, Jorge Lopez was working with one of the greatest Mariachi bands of all time & decided to form his own Mariachi band due to the lack of authentic representation of Mariachi music in Canada.

Since then, Mexico Amigo has evolved into a professional, multicultural working ensemble, eager to bring Mexico's native music to the public with an exciting, vivid view of Mexican folklore & culture, featuring authentic costumes & instruments along with an extensive repertoire.


Jaime brings with him an exceptional voice to breathe life into his passion for classic Mexican ranchero songs. He's also the author of original compositions dedicated to celebrating his native land & loves to don the iconic Mexican charro while singing.


Saúl Torres is one of the most unique rock talents in Canada, capable of perfectly combining Latin Rock with various musical genres.

He has released ground-breaking albums with Toronto bands Dirty Maria & Mezcal Effect & shows musical diversity, constantly experimenting with different sounds, textures, and genres as lead singer and songwriter of the Saúl Torres Band.


Rosy is a songwriter, actor & composer of Mexican origin, she studied bel canto with Julio Garcia, he was a prominent Mexican professor. In 2002 she founded the musical project "La Sana Rabia".

She was awarded the Xochiquetzal medal for her outstanding efforts to eradicate domestic violence in the state of Morelos (October 2009) Mexico & has won grants from the Toronto Arts Council for musical projects.


Originario de Tampico , Tamaulipas 

Inició como cantante de manera profesional hace 18 años teniendo un gusto en particular por la música romántica. Hoy se siente muy contento de haber sido invitado por segunda ocasión para participar en esta gran fiesta Mexicana, para la cual preparo con mucho cariño este pequeño homenaje al maestro "Roberto Cantoral" el cual es originario de su misma Ciudad y es por ello que hoy interpretará un medley con tres grandes exitos de su autoría.


‘Tonatiuh’ is the God of the sun in the Aztec language, but the name was chosen in honour of a dance professor who passed away. 

The group was created in October 2001 by Luz Adriana Castillo, a dancer from the Mexican School of folkloric Dance in Mexico City. In 2012, she decided to start dancing & teaching again with a focus on children. Her mission is to pass on Mexican tradition and history through dance.

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