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2023 Performers


Mariachi Mexico Amigo

Jorge Lopez formed his Mariachi Band, Mexico Amigo, in 1987 due to a lack of authentic Mariachi music in Canada.

Since then, Mexico Amigo has evolved into a fan-favourite ensemble bringing an exciting, vivid representation of Mexican culture & music to life with authentic costumes, instrumentation & extensive repertoire. 


Los Grandes del Norte

Bringing the Norteno sound to Canada, Los Grandes del Norte started as a group of friends playing together before picking up steam & bringing their high energy, rhythm heavy sounds to the city.

Combining elements of pop, cumbia & traditional songs into their Norteno sound, Los Grandes are a fan favourite & bring a unique flavour to Toronto stages.

puro mexico 2022 LukePlichta 455x350.jpg

Ballet Puro Mexico

Jezreel Vazquez is a native of Mexico City & began his studies of Mexican folklore at the age of nine, later enrolled at the National Institute of Fine Arts & was an award-winning choreographer.

Ballet Folklorico Puro Mexico was founded in 2003 & has performed all around Toronto & beyond. With over 40 members, Puro Mexico continues to teach, perform & celebrate Mexican culture.


Viva Mexico Mariachi

Viva México Mariachi Toronto has based in Toronto since 2001 & has become an icon not just in Toronto, but throughout Canada. The Multiculturalism of its membership is VMM’s brand. With a solid Mexican foundation of experienced musicians Romeo Ovando singer, vihuela player & unique audience entertainer, along with Cecilia Guerrero’s voice and impressive vernacular performance style, VMM is one of the most recognized and requested mariachi bands around!

saul 455x350.jpg

Saul Torres Band

Saul Torres was the founder of Dirty Maria, packed with Latin American musicians who has gone on to have shaped the story of Spanish rock in Canada. 
His versality allows him to fuse Latin, funk & rock seamlessly & has shared the stage with bands such as Cafe Tacuba, Caifanes, Rabanes, Mana & many more!

  • Saul Torres
  • Saul Torres

Rosy Cervantes

Rosy is a singer, songwriter, actor & composer of Mexican origin. She studied with Julio Garcia, a prominent Mexican professor. In 2002 she founded the musical project "La Sana Rabia" & performs solo as easily as she does with a band mixing contemporary as well as traditional songs.

Rosy has been awarded for her social justice efforts & has performed in Mexico, across Canada & Colombia.

ballet mitoti 455x350.jpg

Ballet Folklorico Leon Mitoti

Started in 2014 by Professor Leonardo Martinez Pazos, the dance group currently boasts some 44 active members and performs a complete repertoire of Mexican folkloric dances.

We welcome them to Canada for their first performance!


Grupo Folklorico Tonatiuh

‘Tonatiuh’ is the God of the sun in the Aztec language, but the name was chosen in honour of a dance professor.


The group was created in 2001 by Luz Adriana Castillo, a dancer from the Mexican School of Folkloric Dance in Mexico City. In 2012, she decided to start dancing & teaching again with a focus on children with a mission to pass on Mexican tradition & history through dance.


Mariachi Los Gallos

Mariachi Los Gallos is a unique Mexican group of professional, talented and enthusiastic musicians from diverse areas of Mexico playing the traditional classics.

Founded in 2012 by Roberto Mestizo, Mariachi Los Gallos has built its own distinctive sound & identity.

Its success story has positioned it, as an iconic role model for old and new mariachi bands in Canada.

sebastian 455x350.jpg

Sebastián Guerrero

Sebastian arrived in Canada five years ago & is a student of musical theatre. Having won several awards, his ambition has been sparked & he's looking forward to establishing himself in Toronto as a noteworthy performer.

Last year he was able to sing on our stage by sheer luck & since we were impressed, we've invited him back to perform once again!

los de la t 3 455x350.jpg

Los de la T

Los de la T take a new approach to Mexican regional music with their Sierreno sound. 

sylvia GLeeP 450x350 .jpg

Silvia Mendez

Silvia has been active promoting Mexican culture across various media including radio, print, TV & streaming services.

A champion of all things in the Latin & Mexican community, we welcome her back to MC the stage!

Gibran 1 455x350.jpg

Gibran El Yucateco

Gibran is a celebrated award winner of Jarana Yucateca dance with over 18 years of experience to his credit. 

Gibran is dedicated to spreading Mexican dance & culture throughout Canada & is considered a strong influence of Yucatecan culture outside of Mexico. We welcome him to his first Mexican Day Toronto appearance!

Carlos Bastarrachea 455x350.jpg

Carlos Bastarrachea

Carlos is a multi-talented artist with more than 10 years of performing experience. His influences range from boleros to rock and musical theatre. He’s famous for his heartfelt interpretations and his capacity to bend his voice either through parodying existing artists or his covers that emulate voice acting from animated films. Carlos made his Canada debut with a capella choir SoundCrowd and is ready to represent both the Mexican and the disabled community on stage.

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