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Sales & Sponsorship

As a non-profit, Toronto's official Mexican Independence Day celebrations rely upon sales, sponsorship & private donations to help support the continued existence of the event. Please contact us directly to discuss your goals & how we can integrate them into this event. Among the opportunities available for 2021 are branding, sponsorships, give-aways, media partners & more. The Mexican Independence Day celebrations have direct exposure to a valuable market & have made use of a wide variety of media including radio, TV, print, as well as online channels.

To discuss available opportunities, discuss the goals or your organization or to make a personal donation to the festivities, please contact us via our contact form or via our social media accounts.


If you'd like to help support Toronto's official, sanctioned Mexican Independence Day celebrations on a volunteer basis, please get in touch. We're looking for volunteers in 2021 to assist in a variety of roles including promotion, photography, videography, video & audio editing, arts & crafts, social media partners & more. We couldn't achieve any element of this event without the help & dedication of volunteer help & are grateful for all of their efforts.

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