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Mexican Independence Day celebrates the call to arms in Mexico in 1810 that led to the Mexican War of Independence that resulted in the creation of the independent nation of Mexico.

Every year Mexicans around the world celebrate this event with festivities & a show of patriotism. Here in Toronto, the Comite Organizador de las Fiestas Patrias (Mexican Independence Day Celebration - Organizing Committee) has staged public Independence Day celebations annually since 1994.

With it's mix of traditional & contemporary Mexican dance & music, authentic Mexican food, culture, crafts, art & more, this event brings together the Mexican community into the public realm for all Canadians, as well as tourists & other visitors to take part in. The event is family-friendly & appropriate for all age groups & people of all cultures.

The event is produced by the non-profit Comite & all work & effort put in to create the event is voluntary. The Comite greatly appreciates the efforts & donations of its partners to help bring this annual event to the streets of Toronto. 

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